Business Continuity Plan Service

Our business continuity professional has 25 years of corporate experience and 18 years as a first responder. He has provided FEMA model-based customized business continuity plans and consulting services for disaster planning and recovery.

Natural and man-made disasters could cost your company thousands of dollars in lost revenue and customers. Some basic planning and small investments can mitigate or eliminate the damage and help you recover. Staying operational while your competitors are unable to provide services can be a significant competitive advantage. 

The 15-20 page plan will include:

  • Overview, scope and assumptions
  • Risk assessment
  • Business continuity team structure and contacts
  • Alternate site considerations
  • Standard disruption response plan and task list with timeline
  • Critical hardware/software/resource list
  • Critical supplier/backup supplier list
  • Vital records
  • Succession planning
  • High level scenario pre-plans
  • Plan/Test/Maintain instructions

We will evaluate your business continuity needs and will write a custom business continuity plan, and make recommendations to better position your business to be more disaster resilient physically, logistically and financially.