Montenegrin Bank for Sale

Company Information:


  • Has a SWIFT number
  • Full bank license
  • One of the oldest financial institutions in Montenegro
  • Asset rich bank and has very good NPL portfolio.
  • Loss of EUR 2 million for 2022.
  • Due to the fact that they are covering the NPL, with the sale of the NPL, can get very good inflow of funds
  • Can own up to 80% of the shares

Possible Activities:


  • Demo Content
  • payment processing and electronic transfers
  • credit and debit cards
  • trading in securities, as well as their derivatives
  • trading in cryptocurrency
  • trading in foreign currency exchange (forex)
  • trading in precious metals and other commodities
  • Fiduciary services
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The Montenegro bank is a financial institution with a rich history. With a notable presence in the banking sector, the bank has a track record of adapting to industry dynamics. Its strategic approach to financial management and modeling, as reflected in relevant courses, underscores its analytical prowess. The bank actively engages in strategic sales and participations, showcasing a comprehensive approach to lending activities and risk management.

Known for its commitment to sustainability, the bank aligns its investment and lending activities with science-based targets through frameworks like the SBTi Finance Framework. Additionally, the institution emphasizes individual sales achievements by proactively identifying and recommending beneficial products and services to its customers

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