Fully functional licensed Swiss company with working crypto payment solution platform

This is a company and for sale with an amazing multi-function crypto and payment gateway. The company is a fully licensed Swiss financial services company, authorised to operate its multi-function payment processing business platform. Its ready for business.

Platform functions:

  • Users can open IBAN accounts; send and receiving SEPA and SWIFT wire transfers, pay bills, etc.
  • Users can order Mastercard prepaid debit cards (virtual, normal and limitless). Cards can be branded, metal, etc.
  • High liquidity crypto trading. Users can buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies. Very high volume capabilties. Other tokens can be added, including your own token and any crypto pairs
  • Instant currency exchange, major currencies.
  • Limitless user-to-user electronic money transfer.
  • Integrated secure cold storage non-custodial crypto Wallets. Hot wallets, cold storages (can add additional wallets).
  • Automated Swiss KYC system
  • Top-up by credit card or wire transfer.

What makes this Company and platform special?

  • Complete crypto to fiat solution – load crypto proceeds to card, withdraw to your other bank, money transfer crypto proceeds to another user, sell crypto and load on your IBAN bank account.
  • Hold and exchange funds in several currencies without bank account!
  • No limits on user-to-user money transfer, individual and corporate
  • Multi-currency exchange supported
  • Limitless Mastercard prepaid debit card, load with any amount
  • Very high crypto liquidity
  • All available banking and crypto functions in one licensed Swiss company and platform.
  • Very secure platform and wallet. All top security protocols
  • Very low ongoing costs
  • Advanced banking software platform.

100% Turn-key delivery:

  • Completely operational, fully integrated, and ready for takeover
  • The required Swiss resident director and the compliance officer are in place and their base responsibility is paid in advance for a year. They will stay on with the company. Purchaser can also a dd their own directors
  • The registered office address is paid in advance for a year from date of sale
  • Swiss main telephone phone number, email addresses are ready.
  • All corporate administration is in place, including the accountants, financial and compliance auditors are in place.
  • When we sell a company, we don’t just disappear. In fact, this is our business, so we become long-term partners
  • Swiss software company backed. Experienced, dedicated programmers on call for tech support.


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