Merchant Account and Payment Gateway Solutions

We offer sophisticated merchant solutions for your business needs.

Blockchain-based payment solutions utilizing cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular, and the number of merchants around the world that are opening up to digital currencies is constantly increasing. The benefits of accepting digital currencies are numerous, and they include fast transactions, increased security, privacy, low transaction fees, and more.

With our digital currency payment solution, any business can benefit, regardless of size or industry. Our payment gateway offers a solution to fraud and chargebacks, with instant transaction confirmation (even on an international level), offering the highest level of security for your business.

Delivered value

  • Instant crypto-to-fiat exchange
  • The most efficient and advanced technology
  • Easy, fast setup and integration
  • Fully transparent
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Point-of-Sale terminal for fast and simple in-person transactions
  • Full integration with your software solution


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