Obtain a Monaco residence permit and open bank account in Monaco

Monaco is widely regarded as the world’s top jurisdiction for international wealth and tax optimization for high-income/high net worth individuals and companies. It is the only sovereign zero-tax jurisdiction in Europe, with no wealth tax, no local tax, no capital gains tax for individuals and no property tax. Monaco companies receive tax exemption (unless more than 25% of their revenue is derived from outside the country).

What we deliver:

We will assist with everything needed to fast-track your Monaco residence permit, including opening your Monaco bank account and assistance to find a suitable apartment.

In addition to assisting with Monaco residency, we offer Monaco bank account opening services for corporate and individual clients.


  1. minimum EUR 500,000 in a bank account in your name.
  2. proof of sufficient apartment for the number of family members.
  3. proof of being of good character

Upon completion, you and your family, will receive the right to permanent residence in Monaco.

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