Prepaid Debit card solution

Mastercard and Wirecard prepaid debit card solution

Debit card solution

Debit Card Solution (Physical and virtual debit cards)

Our Swiss partners offer a complete Mastercard prepaid debit card solution.

  • Once registered and verified, users can order a physical Mastercard debit card from within their account and be approved in minutes, including unlimited cards (no daily withdrawal limit). Debit cards are mailed to the user’s address of record in a few days.
  • Branding of cards is possible.
  • Users can order virtual cards from within their account, which can be used for online purchases.

Full website integration of our debit card processing line integration. Debit card acquiring through our system, or through your debit card line.

Our Swiss partners also offer a white label banking services platform solution which integrates the Mastercard debit card solution.

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