White Label Money Transfer Software Platform

Fully customisable electronic money transfer software platform

Electronic money transfer platform

Advanced blockchain-based Swiss electronic money transfer / payment processing and banking services platform.

  • Money transfer platform, fully updated/integrated with your licensed company information in about two weeks.
  • Immediate ability to issue Mastercard debit cards to your users. Users can order after their account is approved.
  • Swift protocol. immediate ability to issue IBANS and open EU bank account for users!
  • Integrated automated artificial intelligence Swiss AML-KYC solution.
  • Choose your options: base system is an electronic money transfer platform. Additional options include the ability for issue EU bank account and IBANs to your users, cryptocurrency exchange (buy and sell Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies), secure cryptocurrency wallet solution, foreign exchange (forex), commodities trading: gold, silver and platinum trading (any other commodities you want can be integrate), automated KYC-AML compliance, cryptocurrency payment gateway and more, all available immediately.
  • You can have a fully functioning company with all the options above in a matter of about two weeks.
  • Fully customisable payment processing company software platform solution.
  • You set your fees for all types of transactions.

Does not include licensed operating company. Platform only.

Contact us for more information and to get a demonstration of the working platform.