Outsourced Chief Compliance Officer Solutions:

AML-KYC requirements for financial services businesses are demanding in today’s world. We provide outsourced Chief Compliance Officer services or we can support you in a compliance advisory capacity. We are experts in all AML and other compliance regulations important to your company and implement steps for full compliance. You can rely on us to help you minimize your legal, financial and reputational risks.

Our group consists of a global compliance company with highly experienced Chief Compliance Officers, with solutions for outsourcing all your AML compliance needs. We deliver tailored compliance solutions designed to meet your company’s individual requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing Compliance

By outsourcing the Chief Compliance Officer function to our group, we help you to become fully compliant with all regulatory requirements that apply to you and enable you to focus on your core competencies.

An Outsourced Compliance solution has several advantages:

  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality compliance representation
  • Custom-tailored solutions to meet your needs
  • Effective compliance solution

Automated KYC-AML Solutions:

We also have an automated AML-KYC compliance solution where you can quickly and efficiently verify your the identities of your customers with our innovative, high-tech online AML-KYC verification solution, from biometric scans and online database checks to comprehensive AML KYC processes, this AML solution is the solution to your AML KYC issues.

  • Sanction Screening
  • Advanced Document Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Proof of Adress
  • Biometric Data Scan
  • Proof of Geolocation


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