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Swiss Company Formation

Our “True Quote” guarantee!

Please be aware that many quoted prices do not include the required Swiss resident director and registered office. We include EVERYTHING in one “true quote” price.

Only CHF 10,750, including everything needed and, for a limited time, includes our corporate package absolutely FREE (CHF 5,000 value), with custom built website, Swiss phone number and automated PBX system included in our already low price!

What is Included?

Our price includes everything: (1) bank account; (2) registered office address, paid up for one year; (3) the required Swiss resident nominee director, with nominee fee paid up for one year; (4) notary costs; (5) legal fees and filing costs for and, for a limited time and subject to availability, it also includes (5) our professional corporate package (custom corporate website, Swiss phone number and an automated PBX answering system)!

Foreigners are welcome

Not Swiss? No problem. We specialize in setting up Swiss companies for foreigners and Swiss alike. Swiss company formation with a foreigner shareholder is easy and affordable, and comes with many benefits and uses.

Uses of a Swiss company:

1. This type of Swiss company can be used as a holding for managing the assets of the shareholder including but not limited to real estate, banknotes and coins, cryptocurrency, money market instruments, foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities and securities (stocks and shares and value rights) and their derivatives.

2. This type of company can also be used as an operating company to operate your business under business friendly laws and very low corporate tax system.

The above does not require any finanial services license. We can also provide bespoke asset management solutions for our clients through our Swiss partner.

Swiss company formation requirements:

To form a Swiss corporation, the company must have (1) a Swiss resident director; and (2) a registered office address in the canton where the company is registered. We provide all this and more.

Est. Time frame to completion:  5 to 8 weeks

Deliverables in our full package, including our corporate package, FREE, for a limited time:

Included with delivery (we include everything required and more):

  • bank account
  • registered office address (paid up for one full year)
  • Swiss resident nominee director (with nominee fee paid up for one full year)
  • notary costs
  • legal fees and filing costs for registration with the registrar.
  • Custom corporate website
  • Swiss telephone number
  • Automated PBX answering system
  • Change name and/or purpose (1,500)

Note: the capital for an AG (corporation) is CHF 100,000 of which at least CHF 50,000 must be paid into the company capital account by the shareholder(s) as a first step.

The company will be publicly displayed on the official Swiss company register website upon incorporation.

Other available services:

  • Swiss financial licenses, Liechtenstein foundation formation, Luxembourg RAIF sub fund setup, accounting, compliance and AML solutions, financial audits, compliance audits, bank account solutions, payment solutions, merchant solutions, banking service and cryptocurrency platforms, Swiss and Monaco residence permits, webmaster services, hosting, and much more.
  • Professional corporate package (CHF 5,000) – included FREE for a limited time!

Key Features and Benefits of Swiss AG Companies:

  • Privacy: Shareholders remain anonymous.
  • Foreign ownership: Allowed
  • Foreign directors: Allowed
  • Foreign customers: Allowed
  • Low corporate income tax rates (circa 12% in Zug)
  • Legal: The opportunity to use international arbitration as a Swiss AG.

We can also help you with Opening a branch in Switzerland if you want to open a branch office in Switzerland for a foregin company. The requirements are very similar to open company in Switzerland, but you are not required to pay in capital.


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