Swiss resident permit and bank account

Swiss residents, and especially residents of Zug, Switzerland, enjoy low income tax and NO capital gains tax.

Switzerland is widely regarded one of the world’s top jurisdictions for lifestyle. It offers a negotiated flat-tax for high-income residents, low income tax rates and no capital gains tax for individuals. Swiss companies pay only 12.5% corporate tax, and no capital gains tax in most cases.

Swiss AMF AG specializes in assisting foreigners of all nationalities obtain residence permits in Switzerland.

Our Swiss Trust partner will assist with your Swiss residence permit, including opening a Swiss bank account.

Main requirements:

  1. if EU nationality, quite simple
  2. We specialize in residence permits for non EU nationality persosn – there are a couple ways to obtain Swiss residence for non-EU nationalities. One, you’ll need to be fairly wealthy. If you have very high income, we can negotiate a flat tax rate and you will not be required to state your income on your tax filing.  Another way is to obtain a “Swiss company formation visa” residence permit. Lets discuss.
  3. rental apartment or home

Upon completion, you and your family, will receive the right to permanent residence in Switzerland.


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