Swiss Shelf Companies for sale

Company Information:


  • Company: Swiss AG
  • Industry: Various
  • Domiciles: Zug, Zurich, Geneva and more

Why Switzerland?


  • Highest level of prestige globally
  • Privacy: Shareholders are not published
  • Eligible for obtaining financial services license
  • Foreign directors allowed
  • Foreign shareholders allowed
  • Global customers allowed



  • Swiss resident director is on board and will stay on after the sale
  • The Company has a Swiss registered address
  • Includes assistance with opening the bank account
  • Comes with warranty and indemnification against past or present debts, lawsuits, regulatory issues, etc.
  • Ask about a corporate website.
  • Swiss phone numbers available.
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Swiss Shelf Companies for sale

We have turnkey ready-made Swiss shelf companies for sale. These are companies, ready with the registered Swiss corporate address and Swiss resident director, and everything else needed to start business, fully guaranteed and indemnified against debts and lawsuits. Our shelf companies can be used as an operating company, or as a Swiss holding company structure.

Advantages of buying a ready-Swiss shelf companies for sale:

Advantages of a shelf company compared to starting a new Swiss company: The main benefit includes the quick access and change of ownership (immediate). Moreover, purchasing a Swiss shelf company eliminates the need to pay in the share capital (CHF 100,000 for a Swiss AG). Additionally, from the viewpoint of credibility, partners tend to trust older Swiss companies over brand new formations.


Related services we can also provide:

  • The required Swiss nominee director services. Moreover, we offer secretarial services, contracts, filings and more.
  • The required registered office address and services. Furthermore, our services include mail scanning and hosting on secure servers.
  • We offer custom packages including everything needed!
  • Custom corporate website, built to suit by our in-house webmaster
  • Swiss phone number with customisable automated PBX system (answering system)
  • Assistance with opening the corporate bank account
  • Bookkeeping on an ongoing basis. Moreover we can introduce reasonable financial auditors
  • Compliance officer outsourcing services, as needed
  • and more

Why Choose Us:

  1. Our Exclusive Written Guarantee: All companies we sell are guaranteed and indemnified by us in writing against debts, lawsuits and more.
  2. Unparalleled Market Access: Switzerland’s business advantages are at your fingertips. Our Swiss Shelf Companies offer you swift access to a stable and dynamic economy renowned for its financial security and global connectivity.
  3. Time Efficiency Redefined: Time is your most valuable asset. Our shelf companies eliminate many of the bureaucratic delays of company registration, empowering you to seize opportunities and execute your business plans swiftly.
  4. Expert Guidance and Compliance: Navigating foreign legalities can be complex. We offer expert guidance and ongoing support to ensure your business operations comply with Swiss regulations, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

Ease of Purchase

Once we both execute the agreement, and you transfer the purchase price, the shares change hands. Then we simply send a notification to the current director and accountants that the ownership has changed, and to prepare a new share register, and take directions from the new shareholder.

Then we change the name and purpose, as applicable, and make other changes the new shareholder wants. You can add new directors if you want, foreign or Swiss. Changes to name and purpose or adding directors not included in cost.


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Frequently Asked Question's

Swiss AMF AG is not a legal firm and the contents of this article  and any attached documents shall not be considered to be,
or relied upon for, legal or tax advice. An attorney or accounting specialist should be consulted for advice on any specific legal, accounting and tax related issues.

Swiss Shelf Companies are pre-registered businesses in Switzerland that are available for immediate purchase.  These companies come with  the required cantonal registered address, and Swiss resident nominee director (if desired), and can be ready to operate almost immediately.

Speed: Shelf companies offer a much faster alternative to starting a new company from scratch.
Convenience: Everything is already in place, saving you time and paperwork. Moreover, the paid in capital requirement (at least 50% of CHF 100,000 capital) has already been satisfied.
Credibility: A shelf company  offers a prestigious iimage , especially if it has been established for many years.

Swiss AMF AG specialises in selling turnkey shelf companies.  This means their companies can be delivered  with everything you need to get started, including:


Swiss registered address (required)

Swiss nominee director (required)

Guarantee against pre-existing debts or lawsuits

All corporate administration in place

Yes, in most cases you can change the name of a shelf company  after purchase.  There may be additional fees associated with this.

Yes, Swiss shelf companies can be a good option for international business ventures.  Switzerland has a strong reputation for stability and a favourable tax environment for certain types of businesses. They can also be used for holding companies with very favorable conditions. For example, participation exemption is a tax provision in Switzerland that allows Swiss holding companies to exclude or partially exclude dividends and capital gains derived from qualifying shareholdings in other companies from their taxable income.

Consider these factors before deciding:


Business Needs: Does the urgency of starting operations outweigh the potential benefits of registering a new company with a custom name and structure from the onset?

Time: Are you in a hurry and need to commence business quickly?

Paid-in-Capital: Are you willing and able to pay in the capital required to set up a new incorporation? (you do not have to do this with a Swiss shelf company


Due Diligence: Ensure the shelf company is clean, has no debts, and complies with Swiss regulations. 

Long-Term Plans: While a shelf company can be a good starting point, be prepared to potentially change the company name and objects of activity to align with your long-term goals.

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