Swiss AMF is a Swiss-based company staffed by a highly experienced team of industry veterans offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to serve Swiss companies, with emphasis on licensed financial services companies.


SAMF invests in and develops licensed Swiss financial services companies, including asset management companies, payment services providers, multi-function banking services companies with software platforms, forex traders and more.

Corporate Services

SAMF and its partners offer comprehensive corporate administration services for Swiss companies including compliance outsourcing, AML onboarding, accounting and bookkeeping, director services and more.

Our Team

When you choose SAMF, you secure enduring partnerships with seasoned experts deeply ingrained in Switzerland’s financial services sector. As pioneers in the Swiss financial industry, our legacy of innovation and excellence sets us apart.

Corporate services taylored to Swiss financial services companies

The recognised leader for Swiss financial services companies

We specialize in the development and licensing of Swiss financial services companies, including Swiss ‘trusts’, neo-banking companies and platforms, forex brokers, and more.

Swiss AMF Overview

Swiss AMF is a Swiss company comprising a diverse team of exceptionally skilled and experienced professionals, each bringing their unique strengths and specialties to collaborate as your expert support network. We offer corporate administration services and a range of solutions tailored for licensed Swiss financial services firms. Reach out to us today and discover how we can cater to your company’s specific requirements.