About Swiss AMF


Swiss AMF AG (SAMF) is a Swiss company located in Zug, Switzerland.


SAMF consists of talented multinational, highly experienced individuals and partners, each with their own strengths and specialities, working together to form your expert team for assistance with everything needed to manage your company effectively and efficiently.

Our group provides licensing services for Swiss companies, corporate services, compliance services, accounting, banking and asset management platforms, financial and compliance audits, luxembourg fund structures, bank account solutions and much more.

Company investment and development

Additionally, SAMF invests in Swiss companies and develops them over time. We develop licensed Swiss money transfer and cryptocurrency exchange companies, banking services companies, Swiss Treuhand companies ("Swiss Trusts") and licensed Swiss asset management companies.

SAMF is the foremost leading expert on electronic money transfer and cryptocurrency exchange companies and related software platforms and intimately understands the highly specialised processes and requirements. The process for a licensed cryptocurrency exchange is very specific and few have been through the process and so few are able to navigate its many pitfalls and special requirements successfully.  Success requires an indepth knowledge of the process, FINMA laws and platform requirements in Switzerland. We can help.

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