Companies for sale

Swiss AMF is the recognized leader for the development of turn-key Swiss licensed financial services companies. Below you will find a list of fully licensed Swiss financial services companies for sale, with turn-key delivery. All of these companies ahve active licenses, and are ready for business, with all required personnel in place (and whom will stay on after the sale) and with all corporate administration services already in place. We have Swiss asset management companies for sale, Swiss Trust companies for sale and one licensed Swiss crypto exchange for sale with a multi-function payment service platform and banking service capabilities.


Our companies are fully licensed, and include two Swiss resident directors (main director and compliance) who are paid up for one year and who will stay on after the sale. Almost all other expenses are paid in advance for one year as well. The companies have a registered office address, also paid up for one year, and all other requirements are in place, including a full compliance structure. We make sure the accounting is brought up current to the date of the sale. The turnover process after the sale is very fast and easy because there is no regulatory approval requirement such as there is in most other jurisdictions, and all EU jurisdictions. The companies have no clients or AUM and no debt or lawsuits and are delivered with a guarantee that there is no debt or lawsuits. All companies are delivered turn-key, ready for business, with all corporate administration and other services in place.


Swiss Asset Management Company for sale
Swiss Crypto Exchange & Payment Processing Business for Sale
Swiss Trust Company for Sale
Payment Service Provider For Sale