Fintech Company for Sale



  • Operating Company: Licensed Swiss company, offering the highest level of prestige and credibility globally.
  • Fintech User Platform: The Company has a user-friendly multi-function payments and banking services software platform developed using the latest security protocols.
  • Admin Platform: Retain full control of all aspects of the business from the professional admin platform.



  • Multi-function digital banking FINTECH software platform
  • Developed using the latest and highest levels of security protocols (designed, developed, tested, and deployed according to the ISO/IEC 27001 International Standards).
  • Software certification under ISO/IEC 27001 International Standards included.
  • PCI certification included.
  • The user interface employs an intuitive, user-friendly design. The UI is fully customizable.
  • Comprehensive software support
  • Most importantly, Swiss AMF stands behind its software 100%.

Company Information:


  • Company: Swiss AG
  • License: Active and in good standing
  • Price: CHF 800,000
  • Industry: Payments/Banking Services
  • Established: 2017
  • Domicile: Zug, Switzerland
  • Bank: Zuger Kantonalbank

Main Functions:


  • Individual and corporate accounts
  • International third-party transfers
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • IBAN accounts for paying bills, sending and receiving international wire transfers.
  • SWIFT and SEPA protocol
  • Internal money transfers
  • User top-up by various methods
  • Multi-currency capability
  • Automated AML integration



  • Comes with everything needed to operate a Swiss new-banking platform business with all the bells and whistles! Most first year costs are covered!
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Swiss FinTech Company For Sale

With Neo-Banking Services Payment Platform

Swiss AMF is proud to announce its payment services company with a user-friendly neo-banking software platform.

Our sophisticated Swiss neo-banking services company and platform is your gateway to a world of payments and banking services. It’s more than just a business; it’s a strategic move towards financial innovation, allowing platform users to do all their banking in one place.

The Company is a Swiss FinTech (SRO license) that offers various banking services, including international payments, currency exchange, and international money transfers.

  • For Sale: Swiss Company with Cutting Edge Banking Services platform
  • Price: Contact us
  • Established: 2021
  • Domicile: Zug

Platform Software license:

All materials, including software programs, source code, object code, comments, specifications, documents, and related items shall be the exclusive property of the Purchaser.

Platform user functions:

  • Business and corporate accounts
  • Wire transfers
  • Money request function with automated invoice.
  • User top-up by various methods, according to API
  • Multi-currency capability: This feature empowers users with the capability to maintain multiple balances, each associated with a different currency (according to API), and seamlessly execute currency exchanges between these balances
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • IBAN accounts for paying bills, sending and receiving international wire transfers.
  • Automated AML integration – AML-KYC account opening capability, allowing users to open accounts seamlessly using a web login, streamlining the onboarding process

Turn-key delivery:

  • Legal opinion from a Swiss FinTech lawyer regarding the legality to operate the platform.
  • Android and IOS mobile apps are included. Android is ready. IOS mobile app delivered approx. two months after the handover and after we have finished with any customizations the purchaser might want.
  • The company is already staffed with the required personnel to maintain the license. The Swiss resident director and chief compliance officer are highly experienced, suitable for the license and already legalized with the regulator.
  • After the sale, Swiss AMF AG stays on as your partner to to handle all corporate administration. All corporate administration partners are in place including the accountant, financial and compliance auditor, etc.
  • Assistance with acquisition of IBAN other required service providers included with the sale.
  • All service provider API integration is included with the sale (approx. 3 weeks)


  • White labels – owner can issue unlimited white label contracts
  • Optional PCI certification (certifier approved by the PCI Securities Counsel and signed by a Qualified Security Assessor.
  • Company has no debt, lawsuits or taxes owed (comes with Warranty)
  • Customization – design and other changes are possible.
  • Security – The system was developed using the latest PHP version, supported by a MYSQL Database, and the frontend is built using Bootstrap, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of technology and user experience
  • Foreign purchaser and shareholders are allowed.
  • The handover process is very simple and fast in Switzerland because there is NO regulatory approval requirement for changes in ownership.
  • Low ongoing costs.
  • No commissions or transfer costs payable.
  • NOTE – the company currently does not have customers, AUM, or revenue.

This exciting FinTech company offers all available banking functions in one licensed Swiss company and platform to allow you to enter the world of international payments immediately.

Moreover, when we sell a company, we become long-term partners. This company is provided with all corporate administration functions in place, provided by our group.

Complete Swiss licensed Swiss FinTech company with multi-function banking services software platform.

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