Swiss Holding Company Formation

At Swiss AMF, we understand the intricacies of Swiss holding company formation and have crafted our services to address your specific concerns and objectives.

Here’s how we address the challenges you might encounter:

  1. Navigating Swiss Regulations with Confidence: Our team of legal experts specialise in Swiss corporate administration. We guide you and your new holding company through the Swiss company law regulatory environment, ensuring a straightforward process while keeping your focus on your global holdings.
  2. Cost Transparency and ROI Insights: Wondering about the cost? We provide transparent pricing, breaking down the costs comprehensively, based on your needs. Thus, our experienced advisors will walk you through the advantages, helping you make an informed decision.
  3. International Expertise Tailored to You: With a deep understanding of the global business landscape, we offer tailored solutions that align with your unique international business requirements. To that end, our advisors ensure that your holding company strategy complements your existing ventures and investments.
  4. Efficiency Unleashed: Time is of the essence. Our efficient process minimises setup time, allowing you to maintain your focus on growing your businesses. Count on us to handle the details while you steer your global ventures forward.
  5. Strategic Tax Optimisation: Our tax specialists are well-versed in Swiss tax laws. Thus, we design a tax-efficient structure that maximises benefits and ensures compliance, empowering your global expansion with a competitive edge.

Advantages of a Swiss Holding Company:

  • Tax Benefits: Benefit from Switzerland’s advantageous tax system, including favorable dividend and capital gains tax treatment, as well as low corporate tax rates.
  • International Reach: Use your Swiss holding company as a strategic hub for a holding company for global business operations, enjoying access to international markets.
  • Asset Protection and succession planning: Safeguard your assets and protect your beneficiaries with Switzerland’s strong legal and financial infrastructure, coupled with innovative structures.
  • Investment and Financing: Utilise your holding company to optimise investment and financing strategies for your diverse portfolio.
  • Prestige. Switzerland enjoys the highest level of prestige of any jurisdiction.

Elevate your global business strategy today with a Swiss holding company. Contact us for a personalised consultation and embark on a journey of international growth and success.


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Swiss Holding Company Formation