Swiss Shelf Companies

We have turnkey ready-made Swiss companies for sale. These are companies, ready with the registered Swiss corporate address and Swiss resident director, and everything else needed to start business, fully guaranteed and indemnified against debts and lawsuits.

Here is our current list of Swiss shelf companies for sale (click to access the company at the company registrar):

LBFG Supply AG (Zug, 2019) – CHF 28,000 (or 20,000 without services)


The above shelf companies include all the following services:

  • Swiss resident director with nominee fee paid in advance for one year
  • Registered office address paid in advance for one year (c/o)
  • Custom corporate website, built to suit
  • Swiss phone number
  • Customizable autotomated PBX system (answering system)
  • Assistance with opening the corporate bank account
  • All companies we sell are guaranteed and indemnified in writing against debts, lawsuits and more.


All companies we sell are guaranteed and indemnified against debts, lawsuits and more.


Purchasing process:

When you are ready to purchase a company, you can request a purchase agreement. For the agreement, we need the following:

  1. Passport of purchaser or UBO
  2. Full name of purchaser (individual or company)
  3. Company number (if purchaser is a company)
  4. Registered address of purchaser
  5. Phone number
  6. Email address
  7. Name of the signor/director (if purchaser is a company)

Once we both execute the agreement, and you transfer the purchase price, the shares change hands. Then we simply send a notification to the current director and accountants that the owership has changed, and to prepare a new share register, and take directions from the new shareholder.

Then we change the name and purpose, as applicable, and make other changes the new shareholder wants. You can add new directors if you want, foreign or Swiss. Changes to name and purpose or adding directors not included in cost.


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